Fake News: Fake news: Grigor Joti earns money through UT. - Infosoft Group
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Fake news: Grigor Joti earns money through UT.

Fake news: Grigor Joti earns money through UT.

Official response from Mr. Grigor Joti:

Online publication:


The information is entirely false.

Mr. Grigor Joti does not own any shares in the winning company, IT Gjergji Kompjuter or in the other company participating in the tender, Infosoft Office.

This can be verified through the documents available at the National Business Center (NBC).

Click the link below:

Ekstrakt GJ

Ekstrakt IO

Moreover, none of the companies owned by Mr. Grigor Joti in Albania are engaged in the import or sale of office products.

The publisher did not make any prior contact with the Infosoft Group to inquire about this issue.

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