Group - Infosoft Group
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Solution Provider, System Integration

InfoSoft Systems Group, specialized in system integration, provides technological consultation, implementation and support services to institutions, small, medium and large organizations. Successful and challenging in the region, InfoSoft Systems Group continues to collaborate with customers, helping them expand and grow their businesses.

Utilizing the newest, state-of-the-art technologies available through our global partners, InfoSoft Systems is enriching, enhancing yet simplifying the communication channels, making the information accessible anywhere, anytime.

Info Business Solutions, as a preferred partner, provides ERP solutions for small, medium and large companies in the national and international markets using the latest Microsoft Dynamics technology.

IT Products Distribution

ITD Group is the Leading IT Distributor in the region of Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia. With a consolidated presence in all three of these countries, for over 20 years, ITD Group with dedication and professionalism brings a wide portfolio of IT products, not just to meet the needs of every market segment in the industry, but to be always at the forefront, bringing innovation and integrity.

Distributor of the most popular brands for years, ITD targets both the Consumer and Commercial segment through a dedicated and professional staff in all three countries.

 Consumer Products Distribution

IBD Group is one of the first groups in Albania in the field of Distribution of Consumer Products.
With a wide distribution network throughout the country, InterBrands sh.p.k, Inter Trade & Distribution sh.p.k, Inter Distribution Services sh.p.k are the largest consumer products distribution companies in Albania.

Real Estate Investment

The Real Estate arm of Infosoft Group is composed of two companies, which own mostly commercial properties situated in premium locations in different geographies within the Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia and land in their proximities or in other areas with high development potential. Such properties are mostly used in the daily operations of the group, or leased out to external parties.

Administrative and Logistics Services for the group

Infosoft Group invests in creating, unifying and maintaining of business management and quality standards for all companies, through Infosoft Management Services and IMLS