Infosoft Group | InfoSoft Systems has an open vacancy for Azure DevOps Engineer
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InfoSoft Systems has an open vacancy for Azure DevOps Engineer

InfoSoft Systems has an open vacancy for Azure DevOps Engineer

Qualified candidates should submit the letter of interest, the updated CV and the copies of supporting documents including letters of reference, to the following email address:

Position Responsibilities:

  • Bring in continuous deployment practices to enhance our Agile posture
  • Imagine, architect, develop, deploy, and evolve CI and CD systems for our cloud applications
  • Write Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Industry standard tools and services
  • Write application deployment automation using industry standard deployment and configuration tools
  • Design and implement continuous delivery pipelines that serve the purpose of provisioning and operating client test as well as production environments
  • Provide systems support including responding to monitoring alerts
  • Implement and stay abreast of Cloud and DevOps industry best practices and tooling
  • Work with developers to identify necessary Azure resources and automate their provisioning
  • Document automation processes
  • CI/CD infrastructure and process troubleshooting (disk space, network issues etc).
  • CI/CD pipeline support (troubleshooting, support with setting up in new projects)

Skills and Experience Required:

  • Master degree in mathematics, computer science, information systems, or equivalent.
  • More than 2 years hand-on experience with Azure DevOps
  • Knowledge Azure DevOps build and release pipelines
  • Networking in general (design, routing, IP allocation, NSG, security, gateways) and Azure network stack
  • Containerization in general (images, hosting, ingress, egress, message flow, security, access) and AKS and Docker
  • DevOps in general and Azure DevOps for general work (user stories, tasks, sprints, work organization)
  • Knowledge on different monitoring and logging solutions available on Cloud, preferably on Azure
  • Expertise on Azure Functions
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and coding abilities

Certifications Preferred:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate AZ-305
  • Azure DevOps (AZ – 400),
  • Azure Cloud Developer (AZ-203)
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